Digital HERITAGE 2018

New Realities: Authenticity & Automation in the Digital Age


3rd International Congress & Expo

26-30 October 2018, San Francisco, USA



5 days, 18 federating events, 100s of talks, 4 amazing venues, 50,000 sqft expo hall, 3 tours


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DH2018 has ended - thank you for a great event.

Remember that speakers can upload files and powerpoints to their Sched session page to share with other attendees.

IEEE copyright forms for authors to finalize the publication are coming mid November via EasyChair





The leading global event on digital technology for documenting, conserving and sharing heritage—from monuments & sites, to museums & collections, libraries & archives, and intangible traditions & languages.  Featuring keynotes from cultural leaders & digital pioneers, a tech expo, research demos, scientific papers, policy panels, best practice case studies, hands-on workshops, plus tours of technology and heritage labs.



Culture and technology domains from computer science to cultural preservation, archaeology to art, architecture to archiving, museums to musicology, history to humanities, computer games to computer graphics, digital surveying to social science, libraries to language, and many more.



Some 750+ leaders from across the 4 heritage domains together with industry to explore, discuss & debate the potentials and pitfalls of digital for culture.  Includes heritage and digital professionals, from educators to technologists, researchers to policy makers, executives to curators, artists to engineers, archivists to scientists, and more. 



For the first time outside Europe, following the 1st Congress in Marseille in 2013 and 2nd in Granada in 2015, our 2018 event will be in the heart of the digital revolution on the waterfront at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, with special activities at the De Young Museum and aboard the historic Liberty ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien.


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::DHVenue:Obrien:DJR-11-2017 small.jpgSFAIExploratorium



26-30 October 2018

Workshop, Tutorials & Special Session Proposals Due online:  1 May 2018

Papers & Expo Proposals Due online:  20 June 2018 30 June 2018

Notification: 30 Jul 2018  7 August 2018    Camera Ready Deadline: 10 September 2018


FEES (Friday-Monday, not including optional Tuesday tours)


Early (thru 1 Aug)

Standard (to 5 Oct)



$500 (~Ř430)

$560 (~Ř480)

$620 (~Ř515)+fees


$460 (~Ř395)

$500 (~Ř430)

$560 (~Ř480)+fees


$290 (~Ř250)

$340 (~Ř290)

$400 (~Ř335)+fees




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A federated Congress of many leading international projects, symposia and meetings, DigitalHERITAGE 2018 includes:


2 Conferences


The Int’l Society on Virtual Systems and Multimedia

VSMM 2018 – 24th International Conference

The Pacific Neighborhood Consortium

PNC 2018 – 25th Conference & Joint Meetings


A Digital Exposition


DigitalHERITAGE with ARCHAEOVIRTUAL & the Italian National Research Council

DigitalHERITAGE Expo & Livestream from Paestum, Italy


15 Special Events


Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
CAA Special Symposium

The Int’l Council on Monuments & Sites/Int’l Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

Int’l Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology
Space2Place 2018 Special Session on Remote Sensing for Archaeological Heritage in Conflict Zones

ICOMOS Int’l Scientific Committee for Interpretation & Presentation of Cultural Heritage (ICIP)
ICOMOS ICIP Session on Technology for Interpretation: Challenges & Potential
ICOMOS ICIP Workshop on Evolving Technologies for Interpretation
ICOMOS ICIP Session on Digital for Archaeological Collections

Association of Canadian Archivists
ACA Special Session on Archives

California State Parks
CalParks Special Session on 3D Digital Preservation & Best Practices

2+3D Photography Special Session

Centre for Architecture, Urbanism & Global Heritage, Nottingham Trent Univ. & Middle East Virtual Heritage Network
5D Virtual Heritage of Medieval Culture Special Session

EU E-RIHS Project and Dr. Luca Pezzati & Dr. Sofia Pescarin, Italian National Research Council
E-RIHS Project: Panel on Infrastructure for Heritage Sciences

EU ARIADNE Project & Community
ARIADNE Session:  Is Your Archaeological Data FAIR Enough?

EU PARTHENOS Project, with the Research Data Alliance, Science Europe, and more
PARTHENOS Roundtable:  “FAIR” Research Data Openness:  Policies & Strategies

EU REVEAL Project and Italian National Research Council ITABC & ITD
REVEAL Videogames & Multimedia: New Challenges for Museums, Schools & Tourism

Sheffield Hallam Univ. & EU MeSch Project
Tangible & Embodied Experiences Special Session

EMOTIVE EU Project & Univ. of Glasgow & Univ. of Athens & ATHENA RC
Emotions in Digital Cultural Heritage Special Session




DigitalHERITAGE 2018 will run 5 days and explore digital innovation and challenges across 4 heritage domains:

Built Heritage,
Art, Artifacts & Collections,
Libraries & Archives, and
Intangible Culture & Traditions




and spanning 3 broad groups of digital technology:

Reality Capture (digitization, scanning, remote sensing, …)

Reality Computing (databases & repositories, KM, GIS, CAD, 3DCG, authoring, archives, …)

Reality Creation (VR, AR, MR, games, visualization, multimedia, 3Dprinting, embodiment, …)


Participants will:









Participatory workshops, tutorials and roundtables with peers and leaders in tech for culture.

A cutting-edge expo of tech demos plus artistic and cultural projects around digital culture.

World class keynotes & plenary sessions with leaders from the tech and cultural worlds.


Behind-the-scenes tours at tech firms, museums, historic sites, libraries and archives.





Friday 26 Oct

Saturday 27 Oct

Sunday 28 Oct

Monday 29 Oct

Tuesday 30 Oct


Workshops, Tutorials

Special Sessions


Welcome reception

Main Program +

Main Program + Exposition


Dinner on historic WW2 ship (note the boat will remain docked due to mechanical issues)

Main Program

Extra cost Tours


•SF (labs & museums)

•Silicon Valley (tech firms and more)

• State Capital & State Museum collections



Waterfront museums, Fort Mason, SFAI, ...

Fort Mason Ctr

Fort Mason Ctr

+ SS Jeremiah O’Brien

Fort Mason Ctr

San Francisco, Silicon Valley, + Sacramento options



Workshop, Tutorials & Special Session Proposals Due online: 1 May 2018

Papers & Expo Proposals Due online: 20 June 2018 30 June 2018

Notification: 30 Jul 2018  7 August 2018          Camera Ready Deadline: 10 September 2018



CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Papers, Exhibits, Workshops, Tutorials, Panels)


You are invited to submit proposals for the congress.  We are accepting proposals for:

            Papers (Full papers as well as short papers, case studies and posters)


            Workshops, Tutorials, Panels/Roundtables and special sessions

We solicit submissions on a broad range of themes and topics, including but not limited to:

Reality Capture track
Digital Documentation & Input

Visualization and Interaction track
Digital Presentation & Output

• Photogrammetry, image-based modeling, SFM
• 2D scanning & document digitization

• 3D scanning (laser, structured light, mocap, etc)
• mobile and indoor scanning and sensing

• remote monitoring technologies

• GPR & magnetometry

• Remote sensing and aerial lidar
• GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo)
• Low-cost & gaming 3D input
• Gigapixel, ultra-high res & HDR photography
• Terahertz, Infrared, UV & X-ray imaging
• Advanced sensors research

• Immersive and Active/Passive stereodisplays
• Real + virtual worlds (mixed/augmented reality)

• Virtualization of senses (touch, taste, smell, sound)

• Haptic & Multimodal interaction
• Distributed VR
• Local/remote rendering
• Innovative interaction systems
• Storytelling and design of heritage communications
• Usability, effectiveness and interface design
• Visual simulation of materials
• Emerging visualization technologies

• Rapid prototyping, 3d printing & reproduction

Analysis and Interpretation track
Digital Content Management & Analysis

Policy and standards track
Digital Heritage Policy & Societal Issues

• Historic Document Analysis
• Remote Sensing Analysis (incl aerial image proc.)
• Finite element, structural and other analyses
• 3D modeling (CAD-based and reality-based
• Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• Virtual Reconstruction Issues
• Realism and Interpretation in CH
• 3D, multimedia and GIS repositories, platforms, & info systems
• Digital Curation
• Virtual GIS and Mapping tools
• Emerging technologies

• Metadata Handling & Management
• Digital Rights
• Heritage Commons
• Cultural Analytics
• Heritage at Risk
• Heritage Consortia
• E-libraries
• Digital Humanities
• Born digital content issues




Preservation track
Digital Preservation & Standards

Theory, methodologies & applications of Digital Heritage track
Digital Heritage Solutions & Best Practices

• Metadata, standards, ontologies in Heritage
• Requirements and policies
• Trusted digital repositories / OAIS
• Institutional Repositories, digital libraries
• Semantic Web and processing in CH
• Long term storage and persistence

• authentication, accreditation and DRM
• Data formats and compression for preservation

• Watermarking, orphan works, copyrights & IPR

Integrated solutions and best practices in:
• Virtual documentation
• Virtual conservation & restoration
• Virtual archaeology
• Virtual museums & exhibitions
• Serious Games for heritage
• Collaborative environments
• Internet technologies and social media

• 3D sensing


Online submission via EasyChair.  Papers will be able to be submitted to DigitalHERITAGE as a whole, as well as to many of the federating events including PNC2018.  Conference Proceedings to be published with IEEE and Expo Proceedings with Elsevier open access.


All submissions will be handled digitally and must use IEEE Xplore format.  More information will be coming soon on the congress website at and on the websites of our many partners


Best wishes,

Alonzo C. Addison

for the DigitalHERITAGE 2018 Organizing Committee